Denominational Offices and Associations

Let us come alongside your organization to help you develop a comprehensive insurance plan that includes coverages created specifically for denominational offices and association ministries, including protection for:

  • Defense of belief-based decisions.
  • Claims of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment.
  • Financial damages that result from decisions made by your organization’s leaders.
  • E-commerce errors, data breach errors, or errors committed by outsourced technology contractors.
  • Ordination, licensing, placement, or transfer of clergy within your religious organization.

Our team of ministry insurance professionals can help your association make sure you have the insurance protection you need. Allow us to take that burden off your plate, so you can focus on the more important business of providing leadership to the ministries within your organization.

Customer Story

Agent Helps Identify Gaps in Current Insurance Coverage

Leaders of a large denominational headquarters in Indiana were shopping for the best insurance carrier for their ministry. They spoke to an American Church Group of Indiana agent, who helped them identify areas of risk in their ministry operations.

The agent found more than one gap in the denomination's insurance policy . The headquarters was not covered for its high risk of cyber liability or for its leaders' international mission travel.

The agent was able to provide them with a Brotherhood Mutual Insurance plan that included Broad Scope Cyber Liability and Worldwide Liability and Medical Extension coverages, giving them insurance coverage that truly fits the nature and function of their ministry.